Boho Beach House Play Rug - Designed by Artists + Non Toxic rsm

Hi everyone,  I thought it would be fun to share the idea behind my first play rug design. They are my favorite product and I'm super passionate about the designs...and working on new ideas everyday. 

The seaside house play rug was my first design and I'm so excited about the final product. 

Little girl playing with dolls on a non toxic seaside house play rug.

My daughter has always enjoyed playing with dolls and we spend a lot of time on the floor. Although, we love her doll houses...I wanted to eliminate the need for tons of little furniture and tiny toys every playtime. For example, if one of the dolls is hungry, she takes time to find a pot to go on the stove from her basket filled with bits and pieces. This is lovely when I have time but I was thinking about a way to easily sit down and play for 20 minutes as I'm cooking dinner or in between laundry loads etc.

A non toxic play rug featuring a house by the beach with a pool.


I also wanted the design to look nice in our living spaces if we wanted to leave it out for awhile. Barbie's camper van is fun but quite large, very pink, and easy to trip over when I'm moving around in the kitchen! 

As a graphic designer, I've worked with many artists over the years and have discovered so many talented people that license their work...many are moms as well. For this project, I ended up combining work from 3 different artists and filled in the rest myself. One of my favorite parts of this business is searching for great little graphics. I was so happy to find a kitchen set, sofa, tables, a bed, and office furniture for this idea. Licensing from artists supports their families and is an important part of our process at Hello Sunny Day.

It took a long time to work out the dimensions, recolor the graphics, and decorate the rooms. Many items had to be completely reworked or made from scratch but I was determined to create a home with a designer aesthetic. I ended up with a house by the sea that I would move into myself if possible:) 

A play rug featuring the ocean, pool, and a boho style house.

The beach house has 7 rooms including a large kid's room with bunk beds. Outside the home, dolls can have a picnic on the mountain top, play on the beach, pick fruit from the orange tree, or have a pool party.

Dolls that are 6in or less fit perfectly including Chelsea dolls, Peppa Pig, Lol dolls, and Calico Critters. My daughter also uses her full size Barbie dolls even though they fill the's all about imagination though! 

 Collage of images featuring a kids play rug with a boho house by the beach.

At 5 ft round, this rug can be a bit large for some areas of your home so we also offer a smaller rectangle size at 3ft x 5ft. I did need to remove the pool to fit the smaller dimensions but there are still loads of activities for the dolls! 

A rectangle kids play rug with a boho style beach house.

This rug looks beautiful displayed in a bedroom or playroom but will roll up easily to store under a bed or in a closet. The 3ft x 5ft slides under a twin without rolling up and is super easy to move around. My daughter takes it out on the patio when I want her to get a bit of sunshine.

A little girl's room with a play rug featuring a boho beach house.

I'm very careful with toxins in our house so there were specific requirements when it was time to have my design manufactured. We've had several play rugs in the past with qualities that I wanted to change. They had a chemical smell, shed tiny fibers into the air, and the bottoms were coated with a rubbery substance that I didn't want her to touch when moving it around. Also, it was hard for some of the dolls to stand because the fibers were long and fuzzy. 

Fortunately, I was able to find a manufacturer to meet my requirements. They are located in the U.S. and employ many moms and dads who print, sew, and package products.  

Check out the final product and see how we've made it a safer choice for kids!


Thanks for reading! Please send questions to or just say hello. I'm always happy to hear from visitors:)


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