How to Create a Super Easy Photo Backdrop at Home

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a fun and easy way to create a beautiful backdrop at home. To be honest, our kids have never been to a photography studio. I think they create lovely photos but our son and daughter tend to give stiff, fake smiles in those type of environments (like Santa's knee). So, we always relied on vacation photos for our gallery wall.

When we started Hello Sunny Day, we suddenly had a need for tons of product photos. So, my daughter and I went to work and started setting up photos in her bedroom.  As it turns out, wall tapestries make an amazing photo backdrop! Now, we have new photos for our gallery wall that weren't taken outside:)

This idea is perfect for parents like myself...with zero lighting equipment, a professional camera, or large paper backdrops. It's a way to have a super relaxed afternoon and, hopefully, capture a lovely photo. I found the word, capture, to be key. My favorite photos are always the ones captured when she's not trying. Of course, I have a secret weapon...her brother:) He runs around behind me waving stuffed animals, making noises, etc. The result is a natural smile that brings that extra spark to the photo. 

Two easy steps...first, I cleared a small corner and opened the window. I found it's best to have sunlight but use a somewhat sheer curtain so some light comes through. Otherwise, the light could be too harsh and produce hard shadows. If your curtains don't let light through, try throwing a thin, white sheet over the rod.

Then, we used 2 tacks to hang our floral tapestry. That's it!  

No, the lighting will not be professional but it doesn't need to be perfect. I love a natural photo! Here are a few tips that work for me...I'd love to hear your tips as well!

1. Take a test photo of the plain wall in the morning and afternoon on a sunny day to see which will work best before getting your child involved. 

2. Get everything set and have the outfit ready before calling your child into the room. My daughter tends to come in with energy and enthusiasm but it wains when things take too long. 

3. Don't try it when your child is tired or if you're a bit rushed for time. 

4. Take tons of photos! We try to make her laugh and just snap photos like crazy. I may take 100 photos in a few minutes. I've always discovered a real gem when sifting through those later:)

5. Use a prop that looks nice with the background. This time, we used her pet deer. One of the biggest lessons I learned is to quietly wait and observe. It only took a minute before I captured her giving her deer the sweetest smile:) It wasn't a pose that I asked for and it turned out to be my favorite! 

6. Move around. Move to the side, bend down etc. I like to have the camera around my child's eye level then try all angles. I love photos when she's looking toward the camera just as much as photos when she's looking in an entirely different direction. 

Last Tip:  Don't get stressed. It can be challenging to try for a great don't! Trust that it will happen naturally. If you are having fun, your child will as well. For example, at the beginning of almost all of our photoshoots, my daughter will do a pose with a fake smile and say "get it, get this one" like she is frozen with her lips moving but teeth still clamped together. So, I do! I'll take as many as she wants for as long as she wants. This isn't the look I'm going for but it's about her having control and feeling comfortable. Then, I'll distract her with something funny and start clicking when she doesn't notice. The result is a relaxed image that shows her real personality. 


I couldn't leave without showing the back of this adorable outfit. I love how the colors worked with the tapestry and my daughter loved the large pockets with wide legs. It is made with organic cotton which is amazing. Find it here from Hope and Henry. The deer is from FAO Schwarz. I found a very similar one online here

If you want to give it a try...check out our tapestries here. I used the 80x68in but the smaller 60x51in would work for kids as well. We add new designs each are a few more that would make great backdrops:)

Kids wall tapestry patterns.

Botanical Peach Tapestry  +  Cheetah Jungle Tapestry   +  Pastel Rainbow Tapestry                                                                                                



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