Hi everyone! It’s Dani and Cece ❤

We want to share the absolute easiest way to make a custom bracelet or choker 😉 This would be a fun activity for a party, sleepover, or a simple afternoon craft to relax. All you will need is ribbon, a hot glue gun, and velcro!

Cece is calling all crafters to try our daisy idea 🌼

RIBBON: We found an adorable daisy trim at Hobby Lobby. There are many cute options on Amazon as well….here is a cute one. I also found a fun mix of butterflies, hearts, and flowers here. Try using the search terms, embroidered trim to get a similar look.

VELCRO: We used used 5/8″ white circles but you could also cut strips.

GLUE GUN: This is our favorite glue gun. I searched for several things and found this gun to be the best for my needs for 3 reasons.

1. It has auto shut off so I never have to worry if Cece or myself left it on when we are out of the house.

2. It is dual temp so I can choose to use the hot setting if needed but we mainly use the mild temp so Cece is safer while crafting.

3. It takes mini glue sticks so it’s a bit smaller and easier for Cece to handle. I went wild and ordered a bulk amount of sticks so I don’t have to worry about running out when the mood to craft strikes.

Simply, wrap the trim around the neck or arm and add an additional daisy before cutting. Then, add the velcro to the ends.

Important: Add one side of the velcro dot to the top side of the trim and add the other side of the velcro dot to the back side of the trim. This way, they daisies will overlap when wearing.

Although, the velcro has a sticky back…you will still need to hot glue it on so it will be strong enough to hold when taking the bracelet or necklace on and off.

This method works with any type of ribbon. Most types will fray on the ends when cut so you will need to fold and glue to make it look nice.

Cece and I have a small obsession with daisies as you can see in our craft corner here! We also love cherries, stars, and rainbows 🤩 Check out this post to see more of our giant garland that includes all 4 of our favorite things 💗

We hope you feel inspired to make a super cute daisy set for yourself!

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