Flamingo Pool Party Wrapping Paper DIY


Hey you guys, London here!  Lavender and I were invited to a little friend’s flamingo themed birthday pool party. Check out our creative wrapping!

I have this weird obsession with trying to get the most appropriate gift to get the biggest smiles and reactions possible. It might be one of my toxic traits.  Sometimes it’s impossible, but this time I lucked out when we found this adorable Barbie pool floaty set.

Whenever we have time we like to thoughtfully wrap and decorate presents.  Thankfully this time I had Lavender to help me.

She drew the flamingo…

…while I took apart a Trader Joe’s paper bag to turn it inside out and start painting. I also gently removed the handles so I could reuse them for a related project.

I love randomly squirting paint. This job does not need perfection. Just go for it, then use a hair dryer, the summer sun, or let it sit overnight to dry. 

We wrapped up the cute Barbie present and I twirled around some pretty yarn that Dani had previously gifted me 😊 

I used some adorable washi tape at the back to keep that wide wrapped shape. I like washi tape for this use because it holds the yarn but will not make the present impossible to open. Plus it’s so dang cute!

After we glued the flamingo on top of yarn, I added some little splash effects using our Posca Pen.

When we arrived it was so cute hearing all the little girls complimenting Lavender’s drawing and asking, “did you really make that?” 

Also- how perfect is this Flamingo Beach hat from H&M? I got it years ago but here is a similar one.

In an upcoming post I’ll show you how I reused the Trader Joe’s paper bag handles, and the other present we customized for Lavender’s artistic friend. 

Do you have any gift giving secrets or tips?

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