Diy Quick and Easy Fuzzy Braided Headband


Hi everyone! It’s Dani ❤

Cece and I were out wandering around our local craft store when I ran across a bundle of fuzzy pink yarn that I loved ❤ I wasn’t sure how I would use it but I couldn’t resist the softness and beautiful shade of pink. After a few weeks, I pulled it out of my craft closet and found that it was perfect for the birthday present I was making for Cece which you can check that out here. After that, I’ve tried to come up with more uses. I’ll share a super quick and fun one… it’s a headband!

You will need a plain headband and a hot glue gun 😊

I used a rubber band to keep the end from unraveling as I braided the yarn.

Then, I used my favorite hot glue gun to attach the braid to the headband. I love this hot glue gun because it has automatic shut off so I’m sure it’s never left on. Lastly, I wrapped a small piece of ribbon around the ends to keep the yarn in place and create a finished look.

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