How to Turn Socks Into a jumbo scrunchie : a simple no sew method


Hi everyone! It’s Dani ❤

When placing our latest Janie & Jack order, I noticed a pair of knee high socks on clearance. They would be a bit too small for Cece but I loved the floral embroidery…and for $3, I couldn’t resist 🌼

I love repurposing items so I tried to come up with a few ideas. I don’t enjoy sewing and I like some of my crafts to be fairly quick. It seemed like a jumbo scrunchie would be the answer!

To complete this project, I used a piece of elastic cord that can be purchased online or at any craft store. I also used my favorite hot glue gun (I love that it has automatic shut off so I’m sure it’s never left on)

First, I cut the toes off and tucked the heel by adding a small dab of hot glue.

I overlapped the end of one sock as I glued it to the other. Then, I ran the piece of elastic through the sock tube 😉 I was able to do it with my fingers but a crochet hook tool would be helpful.

I “scrunched” the tube of fabric and tied the elastic with a very tight double knot. Then, I glued the two sock ends together and voila…a jumbo scrunchie!

TIP: When “scrunching”, you can make the scrunchie tight or loose fit depending on your preference. I tested how I would wrap it around a ponytail as I was deciding how to tie the elastic knot.

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