Custom Sanrio Painting


Hi everyone, it’s Dani! I’d like to share the gift I made for daughter Cece’s 11th birthday. She’s been super into Sanrio for the past year so I decided to incorporate her favorite characters in a custom painting for her room. When looking for inspiration, I found her favorite Hello Kitty t shirt from Target that features mushrooms and a few Sanrio characters.

I love the mushroom house and decided to create a forest scene. Her favorite Sanrio characters are Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Marumofubiyori, and Littleforestfellow. I imagined the characters strolling through a forest on the way to visit Cece at her mushroom home.

First, I needed a canvas so I headed over to Hobby Lobby. I found a frame with a wood insert that was on sale for $4.49!

Next, I painted the frame blue, made a very light sketch with a pencil, and started testing paint colors.

I decided to outline the paint with paint markers since the Cinnamaroll and large daisy I drew are white against a white background. I used the paint markers available on Amazon here. I also wanted to make the frame more interesting and cute so I ordered mini half wood beads from Amazon as well, available here.

Initially, I painted a large bow surrounding the forest scene but I wanted to add texture so I ended up gluing pink fuzzy yarn on top of the painted bow. I twisted the yarn to keep it from being too fuzzy as I glued.

Anytime I’m working on a handmade gift, I add in something personal. Sometimes, it’s a hidden quote or inside joke. For this gift, I added the Japanese symbol for the word daughter. Cece loves learning about Japan and hopes to visit one day!

  • I would try to find the wood beads as a strip or use a trim…it took a long time to glue each one on individually.
  • I used hot glue for the beads which left strings everywhere that ended up getting painted😐 It would be better to use wood glue!
  • The wood “canvas” part of this frame had a slick surface that my watercolor/acrylic paints didn’t stick to…I ended up using craft paint made for wood crafts.

Did you know there are over 450 Sanrio characters? Which ones are your favorites?

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