DIY Upcycled Gift Wrap and Decorating a Pencil Purse 🎀


Hi Friends, London here 👋🏼 

As a follow up to our Flamingo Birthday Party🦩 Gift Wrapping Project, here is the rest of our gifts and a creative way to reuse a paper Amazon delivery bag. 

Ever since I realized that delivery bags could be reused to keep your table clean for art projects, I kind of hoard them (just a little).  So this time we kind of Frankensteined the handles from a paper Trader Joe’s bag to the side of a painted Amazon shipping mailer. 

Lavender and I cut out some feather shapes from the leftover painted shopping bag and hot glued them on (keeping in our flamingo theme.)

Now- what did we put inside?

This particular child is a very creative girl who loves to draw, so we thought it would be fun to get her a couple portable drawing items. I couldn’t find anything I liked locally so we thought we’d customize a little bag that would actually come on time) from Amazon. 

We used my sewing seam ripper to take off the (ugly) label, then grabbed a piece of rainbow tulle ribbon I had on hand from Hobby Lobby. I just hand sewed from top to bottom and pulled it tight, wrapping the extra string around a few times and knotting it a couple times INSIDE the pocket so it would not be visible from the outside.

If I was feeling a little bit more brave I would’ve tried hot gluing- but after a recent incident Dani told me about involving melting tulle, (😱) I figured I could just sew it into place. It was kind of annoying to be honest, but I felt it would be more secure this way.

Our pup really wanted to be a part of the photoshoot so cue cute doggy booty here 🤣 

We got these super cute dot pensand Strathmore Art Trading Card sized paper that I thought would be perfect for an artist on the go. Also, she can swap artwork with friends which is so fun.  Checkout this Strathmore site to read more about the Artist Trading Cards. Really a great idea. 

This was a relatively simple project that I think can be translated to many ideas, I bet you’ll come up with something wonderful! 

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