Our Visit to a Historical Garden… with Polaroids!


Hi friends, it’s London ♥️ 

Lavender and I have been eager to explore the East Coast (as native West Coasters) and a friend invited us to this gorgeous historical garden called Magnolia Plantation. We were all blown away by its beauty.

Photo ops at every turn, and after visiting now three times, we still haven’t even seen the whole place! 

(PS, how cute is this top from Janie and Jack!?

Tween Activity Alert:

Whenever I know we’ll be meeting with friends at pretty locations I like to remember our Polaroid Instax Camera, it’s a great way for kids to be creative and have fun (and give the adults a minute or two to catch up). I bought film here at Target in bulk and I give each child their own package. At the end of the day the kids can trade their photos (and laugh a lot at the funny poses).

Another really fun thing to do is bring Sharpies so the kids can sign and decorate each others photos (although if I know there are babies or young siblings I keep the permanent under close watch for obvious reasons 😜).

Lavender and I were so giddy with excitement seeing the resident peacock strutting’ his stuff around the garden cafe.  He was looking for crumbs and lots of attention, which we were happy to shower on him!

Ok fine Mr. Peacock, one more snap, you are just too photogenic!

After a refreshing blueberry lemonade slushie we walked over to the ponies and a very cutely loquacious donkey. The girls got to pet them and snap some pics. 

Our doggie Valentine really enjoyed the walk too (I couldn’t believe dogs were allowed!), ok what she liked was looking for squirrels in the trees but at least she could get her predator vibes on with a stunning hydrangea backdrop.

Speaking of predators, we got to see a couple alligators roaming around the property! This is a very exotic sight to us West Coasters.

One of my next projects might have to be a cute way of displaying our Polaroids! (Unless you beat me to it Dani 😉)

Thanks for checking these out. Curious if you would recommend another beautiful garden on the East Coast for us to explore?

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