Upcycled Thrift Shelf Becomes Adorable Sanrio Wall Decor


Hi, it’s Dani and Cece! We love finding thrift store treasures and upcycling them into something beautiful. Our latest find was this solid wood wall shelf. It was a real bargain at $3 so I challenged Cece to make it cute.

Watch the video below to see if Cece was able to change Mr. Cat’s mind ❤

Cece had an idea to use it for one of her many collections…or I should say, mini collections 😉

She used craft paint to mix a nice shade of pink and put three coats on the wood. Once that was dry, she used paint markers to draw two of her favorite Sanrio characters, Pompompurin and Kuromi.

You can purchase the paint markers she used here. The daisies were cut from a crocheted ribbon we purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Check out this post to see how we used the same ribbon to make a bracelet 😃

I absolutely love the way it turned out and it’s the perfect place for her custom lps and Sanrio figures ❤

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