Fun Ways to Use Patches ❤ Sanrio + Care Bears Edition


Hello…it’s Dani and Cece! Over the past few months, we’ve collected 4 super cute Sanrio patches and 1 Cheer Bear. It’s finally time to decide what to do with them…so we made a list of ideas.

❤ Experiment with different locations for patches on t shirts and sweaters ❤

Cece’s t shirts and leggings are by Cat & Jack

We looked through her closet for more ideas and found a jean skirt, a cute pair of socks and pink Converse high tops. They look adorable with the patches!

We hot glued Sanrio patches to Cece’s straw hat and beach bag. For the beach towel, we stitched a Keroppi patch. These would make great gift ideas for a summer birthday party!

Check out our Sanrio picnic post featuring the hat here.

Our ruffle blanket looks so amazing with the pop of Care Bears pink ❤ We used our hot glue gun to attach a Hello Kitty patch to a waist bag (or fanny pack 😂). I taped the patch on the leg warmers to see if she would like them before stitching…what do you think, cute?

Cece’s pup is always trying to join the fun so we added a Pompompurin patch to his sweater.

You can adopt your own husky at Melissa and Doug here 🐶

  • backpack
  • lunch bag
  • robe
  • suitcase
  • airplane pillow
  • fabric wall banner
  • cape (Meri Meri example here)
  • lampshade (cover with patches)
  • baseball cap or beanie
  • all things jean…jackets/vests etc.
  • phone or ipad cover


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